Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Project... Bookcase/Seating Combo.......

Now that HH and I have had time to catch our breath from finishing up Tatiana's room, it's now time to start the festivities in Gabriella's room.  Of course, she wanted us to start her room the minute we finished her sister's.  I mean, after all it has to be FAIR right?  Well, her room is going to be a little different.  Her bookcases are going to be built on each side of her window and we decided to build her a bench for seating under her window as well.  I am looking at purchasing a new rug for her room and adding lots of fun and unique accessories for her bookshelves.  I will also be getting a new window treatment since she will no longer be able to use her curtains (due to the new bench).  We will be putting a cushion on her bench and adding pillows to make it extra comfortable.  Lots of new changes in here and I'm excited to see the transformation. Here is where we are starting...

 Here's the window where the new bench seating will be. 

Bookcase #1 will be built here.

Bookcase #2 will be built here.
One last look at the "Before".
We are hoping this project can be completed sooner than the 13 weeks it took to finish her sister's room (Ha! Ha!).  I'll keep you posted.  

What kind of projects have you completed this summer?   

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