Monday, July 11, 2011

Before and After...... A bookcase and room makeover story.......

It's only been 13 weeks (Ha! Ha!) since we started the bookcase/desk project for our daughter Tatiana but I am happy to report that it is finally done.  You may remember when the project started here, I talked about the need for additional storage and a proper desk space.  The wall we decided to use is situated perfectly in her room to really maximize the space, give her plenty of storage solutions and provide a work space that is functional and stylish.  I also talked about adding some new accessories, a new rug and giving her a seating area. Enough talk, let's see her room now.  But first, just a few before shots....

Here are the plans.  
Here's the wall before.

Here's the bookcase before the primer.  I actually found the two bookcases on craigslist and they were the perfect dimensions so my HH just incorporated them into our design and added the molding.

Here's what it looks like with both bookcases completed and ready to prime and paint. 
And now for the after.........

This is now her new seating area complete with new rug and table (vintage).  The chair (vintage) got a new pillow from Ikea that really contrasts nicely with the rug and the vintage canvas over her bed. 

We put mirrors on both sides of the wall opposite the bookcase.  This helps to reflect the light from the window and also gives her room a bigger feeling.  You can see the bookcase (and my arm...sorry) in the reflection.  I ask you, what 11 year old girl doesn't want a peace sign somewhere in her room? I can't think of any.......

Here's the other mirror just to the left of the curtain. 

Here's the bookcase/desk combo all completed.  We are still working on decorating the shelves but we have a good head start.  Tatiana picked out the handles and the knobs and has been busy putting all of her touches in her room.

Remember the Paris souvenir from here?  It has now found it's home atop a stack of vintage french books (and a old High School History Book).  I think the vintage rhinestone clock adds just the right amount of sparkle.

I decided to cover the spines of some old books with great covers in a thick weight wrapping paper that I bought at World Market.  Because there is a lot of shelf space now, I wanted some symmetry to maintain some order and provide color.  This similar stack is on the other side as well.  The vintage brass owls are actually candle holders but work just as well as book weights.  

This vintage USA vase adds a nice shade of yellow to the mix.  

Here's one last look.  Oh yeah, the wood diamond moldings on the door are from a $2.00 bin at a thrift store.  They were green originally but they fit perfectly on these doors and I think add a nice touch to the overall look.  I also want to give a big THANK YOU to my wonderfully gifted and talented husband for doing such a fabulous job. Thank you HH! 
I really like the way her room has turned out and she "loves" it which is the most important part.  What do you think?  What has been your biggest decorating challenge?


Anonymous said...

I may be able to make something out of wood and glue....but you can really make it look great.

Emory Bragg said...

WOW!!! Looks fantastic! REALLY!!!!

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