Monday, October 3, 2011

Salvage Finds..........

Is it me or is it getting harder and harder to find salvage items?  In Houston, there used to be several architectural salvage places that were full of detail pieces, windows, doors and all sorts of goodies.  Now, there's really only one and it makes me wonder, "have we demolished everything that has architectural value"? It seems that the abundance of inventory that used to be is no longer, thus making these items even more special (at least to me anyways).  This past weekend, we went to one of our favorite places, Adkins Architectural Antiques.  I love to come here and look at all of the doors and ornamental iron. The detail on the old storefronts and doors is fantastic and the scale is so grand.  Truly works of art.  We have purchased many doors from here in the past and today we were looking for a new door for our Master Bathroom. I was looking for a door that had some glass so we could let in some natural light.  After looking through the section that had the dimensions we need, we came up empty. That is, until I was looking around at all of the big pieces and came across a pair of old french doors. It was love at first sight and the dimensions are perfect.  We need to do a little tweaking for the height but that's not unusual.  We purchased these along with some knobs for my vanity.  I'm so excited to see these put up. If you live in the Houston area and you haven't been to Adkins, you must go.  If you don't live in Houston, you can visit them online although the selection is limited.   

Master Bathroom doors.

I loved these metal olive baskets.  

Just one of the many beautiful doors at Adkins. 

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