Friday, October 21, 2011

Almost There......Almost.....

Has it been 13 weeks yet? Maybe more?  Ha!  Well, after numerous distractions, this weekend will be the weekend I finally get to paint the Bookcases, Bench and Baseboards in my daughter Gabriella's room.  HH (Handy Husbnd) has worked really hard to get this all ready and it looks great.  He's turning out to be quite the bookscase maker!  Although I don't particularly like painting, I am very excited to get this done for her.  I still need to make some pillows for the back seat but the main part of this will be done and her room can get back to normal.  It's funny, I used to get so inpatient with not having things done, but I've gotten to where I can live with a project taking a little longer (within reason of course) if there are other things that come up or things we want to do.  Thankfully our kids are very patient and they know that it will be great when it's finished.  So, what else have I been doing?  For starters, I'm still working on re-doing my office.  I have all of the furniture I need but  I'm still working on the details.  I have a chair that needs to get re-upholstered, a vintage chandelier that needs to get re-wired and few more things that need "tweaking". I bought a chrome and Lucite chandelier a few weeks ago that I think will be great in the office.  It's very modern but classic and it will be a nice element in this room.  The glass chandelier that is currently in the office will be re-purposed and used in the Master Bathroom.  I also found a great chair for my daughter Tatiana's room.  You might remember that she got a little seating area at the foot of her bed and I found another chair that will coordinate nicely with the one she has.  It's totally different but the same scale so it will work and give her more seating.  I'm finished with my vanity and I'm still looking for a little seat.  I'm looking everywhere so hopefully I will find one soon. I'm using my vanity every day and I love it.  It's such a nice change from standing in the bathroom. As always, I'll share the afters of all of these projects with you when they are finished.  Here's some pictures of the chandelier and the chair I'm working on.  Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. 


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