Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Moving things around.....

I like to move things around and change things fairly often to keep things fresh.  Most often, I change the displays on my mantle and kitchen window ledge.  Every so often, I change furniture around and swap out lamps and pictures just to change things up a bit and get a fresh perspective.  Last week, I changed my furniture around after the upholstery folks came and picked up my love seat.  You may remember that I am finally getting a new slip cover made to replace the pathetic one that was on it previously.  Oh, and by the way, they will be delivering the love seat tomorrow and I can't wait to see it.  So, with the empty space I decided to move the wing back chairs and console table into the living room to fill in.  Actually, I've been wanting to to do that for a while just to see what it would look like but having the empty space gave me a reason to move things around.  I actually like it just as much as the love seat being there.  I really like the console table being against the wall and I just might leave it there for now. I've been looking for a console table for this wall for a while and this one might just work here until I find what I'm looking for.  As for the chairs, it makes this space more formal and I like that for a change. Here's some pictures of the space before and now....   I love moving things around and creating a different look with the same pieces by using them in different ways.  Which one do you like best?

Photo1 (with love seat and no console table)

and here's Photo 2 (with wing back chairs and console)




The last two pictures are where the wing back chairs were.  There used to be a rolling bar cart against this wall (see Photo 1) which I replaced with this dresser and mirror.  I've never seen a dresser so funky and I love all of the detail.  Plus, I now have a place to store candles and cocktail napkins.

Hope you have a wonderful day! 

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Anonymous said...

I love the console table...I think I like photo 2 with the 2 chairs & console in back of them. But to be honest, it looks amazing either way.
That dresser is great...so unique! What a great find! Thanks for sharing.

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