Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Breakfast Nook........Refreshed

Hi everybody!  Happy Valentine's Day!  Hope you get the opportunity to tell someone you love them today.  And then, have a piece of the best chocolate you can afford.  Ha!  After sewing for what seemed like weeks and making several trips to the fabric store (which is not that close mind you) I'm proud to say the Breakfast Nook is officially "refreshed".  These new cushions make a huge difference and I must say I'm loving the neutral color.  Don't get me wrong, I love white but this neutral linen blends monochromatically with the wall in a really lovely way.  Plus, it's a heavyweight linen that washes beautifully so I feel I am better prepared for spills and accidents .  Bonus.  For the pillows I decided to keep with the monochromatic look and just bring in a few different textures and patterns.  The fabrics are heavy and soft and I like the mix of the blanket like textures mixing with the flour sack and heavy jacquard.  Different from before but I like the change.  I also replaced the centerpiece with a large oval planter with assorted cactus and succulents.  This area obviously gets a lot of light and the plants should flourish here.  In fact, one is almost ready to bloom.  Pretty!  The color of this planter is muted shades of chocolate, taupe, cream and light turquoise in a super shiny glaze.  I immediately thought of this space when I saw this planter at Joann's.  Plus it was on sale so that made it even better.  So, here it is all freshened up.  It feels like a new space and we love it.  What do you think? 

Here's the before.  Totally love this too.  I don't think any of us realized how much we would use this space.  Alas, the dirty (and torn and saggy) cushions had to go...........

Here it is now.......






All of the fabric with the exception of the vintage alfalfa sack is from High Fashion Home.
My rugs should be coming tomorrow or Thurday and my seat cushion for my desk chair should be done Thursday as well.  HH put the doors up on Saturday and they look great.  Here's a sneek peek at my remodeled office.  I'll do the full reveal hopefully by the weekend.  Until then, have a wonderful week.


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