Thursday, May 19, 2011

Shell Love.......

It's so amazing to me that the ocean provides so much beauty that we never see. I grew up close to the beach and I live close to the beach now and whenever I go, I look for shells.  I also look for anything interesting that has been shaped and softened by the ocean.  Driftwood, sea glass, and even coins.  I like to disaplay the shells that my family and I collect when we go and I also have some shells that I've picked up at thrift stores.  In addition, I have quite a few large shells given to me by my 95 year old grandma who used to throw some crazy good theme parties back in the day, one of which was the "Luau" party.  My love for shell decor doesn't just stop at shells from the beach.  Chandeliers, sconces and of course the shell motif (cocquillage) on Baroque furniture are all favorites of mine.    Since the weather is warming up and summer is around the corner, I thought I would display my shells in a different way.  My mantle has a very limited area to decorate due to the fact that we have our TV mounted on the wall above.  Although I would love to have a giant mirror in place of the TV and be able to stack candles and art on my mantle, it's just not possible.  Believe me, I've tried.  I've compromised on this because it really is the best place for the TV and so I work around it.  Here are some pictures of my shell display and some shell inspired pieces to bring a touch of natures' decor into your space.




And now, some shell inspiration......
Simple and beautiful seashell sconce from Oly Studio.
Love the glow this capiz chandelier from Oly Studio has. Wouldn't this be pretty hanging outside over a long table with lots of candles?
This is my favorite.  A definite statement piece. From Oly Studio.

Sea Fan Bottles from Williams Sonoma Home. 
I love this room and the modern stripes on the baroque headboard.  (photo credit: unknown)

This is a faux clamshell made from a mold of a real clam shell at a very affordable price at $69.99 from Treasure Gurus.
Showing some Etsy love.  Great vintage Victorian Seashell tin for $28 at GoodNorth.

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