Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Chic Sheds.......

I decided last weekend not to work on any projects around the house but instead take myself to several home and garden tours.  I love these for the simlpe fact of seeing where other people live.  Even if it's not my particular aesthetic, I can appreciate all of the hard work and passion that goes into it.  The first tour was close and included homes in my area.  This tour was gardens only and did not include the inside of the homes. One of the homes on the tour was modest in nature but the backyard was particularly unique.  The man that lived there had built a tree house (respecting the tree of course) and also built this great greenhouse that really surprised me.  There was a lot of detail and charm put into this space and although the couple that lives here uses it primarily for plants, I thought it would make a perfect little quiet space for reading or relaxing.  It's the smallness of this little house that I like.  With the glass roof panels, I can imagine myself in there on a rainy day listening to the rain on the glass ceiling and catching up on my reading.  I guess it would be my grown up version of a playhouse.  Here are some pictures of the greenhouse that inspired me. 

The entrance.  Welcome to the greenhouse.

Love this chandelier in here.  I'll bet this looks so pretty at night.

Even though this is space is small, the height of the ceiling and the glass panels makes this space feel larger.  The light in here is so wonderful.

Here's a side view of the greenhouse.  The treehouse is just above it.  Two totally different architectural styles but it works.  It's a his and hers playhouse. 

Here's a look at the inside of the treehouse.  The door leads out to a little balcony.

The view from the treehouse balcony.  The bottle tree was made by the homeowners too. 

Below is another beautiful greenhouse turned glam getaway.  This is actually from my personal inspiration files.  This came out of Country Living Magazine from 2009.

It is very modest looking and blends in nicely with the garden.  Wait until you see the inside.



So, are you inspired? These little houses are so charming and intimate. I'm definitely keeping this on my want list.  Here are some books worth checking out if you want to see more. 

Available from Amazon.

Available from Amazon.

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