Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Evening Walk.....

Of the cutest childrens book to me is called "The Evening Walk" by Joanne Ryder.  It's a story about a Mama Skunk that takes her babies out for an evening walk and shows them the stars, the moon, fireflies and other things that are out at night.  My family and I try to take walks every night and I'm always reminded of that story when we walk because we always get to see the night time critters starting to come out for the evening.  It's also a really beautiful time to be outside.  We are fortunate enough to live in an area that has a lot of greenspace.  We have nature paths and creeks that we walk along and it gives us a chance to enjoy the nature and scenery.  However, the greenspace didn't come easily.  Since we live in south Texas, when it rains it really rains. The creeks that look calm and still rise very quickly and it's amazing to see how fast this beautiful landscape can be totally submerged.  As a result of constant and severe flooding in the past mostly due to tropical storms ( 38" of rain from one storm) the homes that lined these creeks have been removed and all that remains are the remnants of circular drives and what used to be landscaped yards.  At first it's kind of creepy to be walking along a path that was once someones beautiful backyard, but after a while you really enjoy it for what it has become and the value it provides to the local wildlife.  With camera in hand, I photographed our evening walk to share with you. 

Here's one of the paths that we take along the creek.  What used to be someones private backyard is now a nature trail.
This tree is amazingly still alive however there is this section that is totally hollowed out and ravaged by woodpeckers.  I took these pictures to show you the amazing will this tree has to live. 


I wonder what calls this little pocket home?

As you come around a bend in the creek, you co
me across this huge lot of Giant Timber Bamboo. It makes the prettiest sound when the wind blows and the poles rub together.  The tops are easily 75 feet high and you feel so small walking past them.  The fallen pieces make great garden stakes.
Another bend in the creek.  
As you come around the previous bend, this is what you see.  More greenspace and hills.  
As we head up the hill to street level, Spanish Moss covers most of the trees here and I think it's beautiful.  We walk a big circle around  the street and return home. 

Back at home I check our garden to see how the newly planted veggies and herbs are doing before it gets dark.
Tomatoes are growing nicely.  I can't get enough of the smell of tomato leaves.   Indescribable.
Well, maybe I'll sit out here for a little longer before it gets dark.
Thanks for going on the evening walk with me.  I enjoyed sharing a little piece of our world with you.

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