Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Master Bathroom Revival

I'm ashamed to say it but every since we've moved into our house (6+ years ago) our Master Bathroom has never fully worked.  The small shower in here has a leak somewhere and when the floor gets wet (duh) you get a lovely smell that resembles sewer but is actually mold (or so I'm told by the plumber that came out).  This all occurred about 2 weeks after we bought the house (Hmmmmmm). That and the fact that there is no bath tub in here made this bathroom a must for a remodel.  I found an old pedestal tub on Craigslist and it has done a lovely job of holding basketballs and bouncy balls outside but alas, it's time to bring it in and move forward. I've been looking at tile and options for bathroom fixtures and I've decided to keep it classic and simple.  Since the layout of the bathroom is not changing, we're going to keep the vanity (for now) and change the counter top.  I will be painting the vanity a dark color and hopefully that will make me like it enough to keep it.  The counter top material is undecided until I paint the vanity but I 'm leaning towards carerra marble.  The floor tile is probably going to be a classic octagon pattern which feels vintage and classic with the tub.  Fixtures are still being worked on but I did buy this great industrial light from Etsy that I am thinking of putting in the water closet.  I love the large scale of this industrial light.  I want to add some industrial elements and think this might be a good fit.  I'll let you know when it gets here.  If it doesn't work in the bathroom, then I have another place where this will go.  I'll keep you posted.  Meanwhile, here are some of the things in my inspiration folder for this bathroom.

This is the industrial light I bought from Etsy.




Inspiration via Pinterest

What's the one "must have" item on your list for a dream bathroom?

Update 9-28-12-  I am happy to report that we have finished remodeling the Master Bathroom mentioned in this post.  Although the outcome is very different than the ideas I am swirling around in this post, you can see the influences from my inspiration pictures in the finished bathroom.  To be honest, the Master Bathroom is an important room and when we really got down to what we wanted, it was necessary to start over.  That is exactly what we did and the outcome is just what we wanted.  I love that plans change and things are found that change the course for the better.  I am a believer in making things great with what you find and what's available. To see the finished bathroom, click here.

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