Thursday, November 3, 2011

Vanity Reveal!

I'm just about finished with Gabriella's room and I thought I would give you a quick update on that first.  Today, HH will finish putting in the recessed lights and I will finish making the pillows for her bench. I'm still filling her bookshelves and I found some cute knobs in the sale bin at Anthro last weekend that will look great (and they got the "thumbs up" from Gabriella) on the cabinet doors. Can't wait to show you the finished room!  Now, on to the vanity.  I finally found a stool for my vanity.  I thought initially that I wanted a round stool but then decided on this one when I saw it.  If fills in the opening in the vanity better and it has an art deco feel which I like.  After I painted the stool, I went over to High Fashion Home and found this beautiful animal print fabric.  The fabric is heavy and lush and I love how it blends with the rest of the room.  The lamp shades are covered in fabric that I cut from some lounge pants I bought at the Salvation Army. I loved the print and it works perfect for lamp shades. Can I just say one thing about the Salvation Army?  After speaking with my 95 year old grandmother a few weeks ago, I learned something about the Salvation Army that I want to share with you (Forgive me in advance if I ramble.  I don't want to leave anything out).  She was telling me that one of her friends passed away and she was reading her obituary and the card from her service.  She was a wealthier woman and it was noted that she was donating everything she had to the Salvation Army.  It was also requested that donations be made to the Salvation Army in lieu of flowers.  My grandma told me that when this woman was young, her husband had left her and her children with nothing and that the Salvation Army basically provided for her and her family until she was able to get on her feet. This woman had been forever grateful and felt like the Salvation Army saved her life and her family.  My grandma also mentioned to me that when my grandpa was in Iwo Jima (he was a decorated Marine), they didn't have any cigarettes and were asking around to see where they could get some.  He told her the Red Cross was charging them money for cigarettes but the Salvation Army came out to them and gave them out for free.  This clearly earned the Salvation Army a heightened respect among the Marines at that time and place.  After hearing that, it created a new level of respect and appreciation for me too. I'll be sure to put some extra money in the "kettle" this year at Christmas and shake the hand and thank the bell ringer for all of their charitable work.  Another reason to feel good about shopping at the Salvation Army.  Now, back to the vanity...  Want to see it?  Here's the vanity before:

and here's the stool before:

and here's what it looks like now:



I really do love having this special place to get ready.  I wonder if the woman that had this before me loved it as much as I do? 

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Dikola said...

TARA....a true expression of you and not a Pinterest copy:) I love that about your style, it is uniquely you and amazingly beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

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