Friday, July 6, 2012

Operation Master Bathroom......

Happy Friday!  Ever since the fourth on Wednesday, I don't know what day it is.  I'm all messed up.  What I do know is that our Master Bathroom is completely gutted.  After patiently waiting for seven years, we are finally tackling this bathroom.  HH has painstakingly removed the walls, tile, cabinets, lighting, toilet and everything else in this room and now we are at the final layout stage.  Laying this bathroom out is a little tricky because I have that pedestal tub that I am determined to put in this bathroom.  The location of the shower is what we are going to finalize.  Once the last of the debris is cleared from the floor (Saturday) we are going to lay everything out and finalize our design.  After that, I will share with you what the plan is.  I've decided no vanity in this bathroom.  Instead I am going to use a table that I bought at a local antique store and use round sinks instead of rectangle sinks like I used in the girl's bathroom. Since there is no vanity, we are deciding on storage options for this bathroom. The old vanity was huge and the new table is shorter so I will have more wall space to work with which is a good thing.  We are contemplating built-in's around the shower but this could change depending on the final layout. The tub will be refinished  on-site once the plumbing is roughed in and flooring installed. I decided to go with the floor mount option on the tub faucet because I like the way it looks and it will be the best option for the location of the tub.  I have several lighting options in here but I will make the final decision after we put in some small windows on the back wall.  This will make a huge difference in this bathroom and I'm excited to see that change.  This weekend I will be getting tile samples for the floor and the shower.  I want to keep this classic so perhaps a hexagon tile on the floor and marble tile for the shower.  I'm keeping an open mind on this so we'll see what happens.  So, here are some pics of the before bathroom and some pictures of items I've already selected for this bathroom. 

Looking into the bathroom from the hallway..

Shower on the left.  The toilet is out of range but just to the left of where I am standing.  The empty space in the front is where the small Master Bedroom closet was.

What's to see here?  Nothing excpet that we are moving the plumbing and toilet to the other wall to the right.  We will also build a water closet for the toilet.

Sorry about the blur..  This is the only picture that I have of looking from the back of the bathroom to the front. 

So that's the before of this story.  Here is what I've picked out so far for this bathroom. 

This is the table that I bought for the vessel sinks.  I love the hand carved horse legs.

I'm happy with the sink faucet combo that I bought for the girl's bathroom so I bought the same combo for the Master Bathroom with the round sink instead.  I like the shape of this sink and purchased two of these for the table. 

And of course, I can't forget the entry doors to this bathroom that I am still working on.....So excited to see these beauties put in.

And so it begins.......

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It will be worth it......can't wait till its done.

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