Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Decorating Virgo Style

I am one of those people that get cranky if things are disorganized.  I definitely think that as a Virgo, organization is a way to stay in control of my surroundings but being organized also helps me to appreciate the things that I have. I can handle a junk drawer here and there but when spaces look messy even though you've straightened up, that's a problem.  Case in point, my closet. My Master Bathroom/Closet is an addition by the preious owners and consists of a ridiculous skinny cabinet and several hanging bars.  That's it. The Master Bedroom is quite large and my HH (Handy Husband) and I decided to take the closet out of the bathroom and build a closet in the bedroom.  Another perk to this scenario is that the antique pedestal tub that has been in my backyard holding basketballs and jump ropes will now have the home it deserves in the Master Bathroom.  The shell has been built and the recessed lights have been put in (Thank You HH)! Sheetrock work will commence this weekend and when that's all done it's time for the fun part.....    A few months ago I went into the Container Store to do some Christmas shopping and went over to the Elfa storage department and never looked back.  Measurements in hand, I worked with one of the designers and planned both closets down to the last hook.  My Elfa closet is now in pieces in my office and I can't wait to put  it together. With options like a jewelry box, valet rod and belt hooks, there's nothing that won't have it's place.  I'll keep you posted on progress and will post the before and after's. 

Elfa Jewelry Box with Sliding Top (Container Store)


Expandable Valet Rod

Elfa Walnut Belt Hook

Left Side of Closet

Right Side

Both Sides

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