Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thinking outside the box and using the box...........

 I love architecture and get so much inspiration from people that have a vision and the skills to make it come to reality.  Take that same vision and add to that using a recyclable product to build functional and beautiful structures and I'm in awe. Who is this modern day master?  It is Tokyo born architect Shigeru Ban.  Inspired himself by "weak materials", he first began using paper tubes in the 80's  for exhibitions and was impressed by the load bearing capacity of the material.  His opportunity came in 1995 when Kobe, Japan was struck by an earthquake.  Using donated 34 ply cardboard tubes, he constructed a community hall and houses and never looked back.  His disaster relief projects have revolutionized the speed at which people can regain a sense of normalcy.  Through his works, tens of thousands of families have been given shelter, children have gone back to school and communities given a place to worship.  His efforts can be seen in his homeland now, with projects underway to build Paper Partition systems for the evacuees of the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.  Shigeru Ban is a man with a vision that encompasses compassion, beauty and respect.  For more information on Shigeru Ban projects or if you are interested in helping with his Disaster Relief Project in Japan, click here.  Photos courtesy of the Shigeru Ban Architects.

Papillon Pavillion for Icones Exposition 2006

Hualin Temporary Elementary School 2008 

Haesley Nine Bridges Golf Club House (Not a paper structure)

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Evacuees

Partitions currently being built for Japan Earthquake and Tsunami evacuees. (Paper tubes, cloth, pins)
Paper Church.  Constructed in Taiwan after earthquake in 2008.

Vasarely Pavillion 2006 (Homage to the artist Paul Cezzane)

Private Residence in Sri Lanka.  Designed by Shigeru Ban Architects.

Private Residence in Sri Lanka.  Designed by Shigeru Ban Architects.

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