Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Look for 2012!

I thought I would give myself a little blog makeover this year and so here it is!  What do you think?  I like the simplicity of this and since I'm a visual person, I thought this look really speaks to what this blog is about.  A little notebook of projects, random musings, recipes, gardening and other points of interest. Do you like?? Anyway, this year is off to a busy start.  I am in the process of finalizing my logo for Guest House Interiors  and it's looking great. I will be making some changes to the website as well and will share that with you when it's completed.  As for my projects, things are moving s l o w l y.  First, my glass guy has just closed his business which means I don't have the piece for the top of my desk. His number has been disconnected so I'm pretty sure that means he is out of business for whatever reason.  Bummer. Second, I'm running into commitment issues with the upholstery folks.  If you have recommendations for people that do great upholstery work in the Houston area, contact me.  On the up side, I found a mirror that I was looking for last weekend and so my wall is now complete and I love it.  The last thing I am working on are these doors.  I'm going to be using these in my office and mounting them on each side of the window.  Clearly these are not pretty now but I stripped them on Monday and they are sanded (thanks HH) and ready to be painted or distressed.  I've done something similar in my dining room but I will do these a little different.  Here's what the doors looked like before:

Pretty huh? :)  I'm going to be working on these this week and should have these done over the weekend.  I am really liking the way this office is turning out and think these doors will add just the right touch.  What kinds of projects are you working on this year?

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Dikola said...

Need I comment?? Is this a rhetorical question? I love everything you do and your new site is no exception:) Love the's clean, crisp and organized! Look forward to seeing those doors refinished....did you use a lime glaze on the dining doors that are hung? Also, your Christmas card was amazing and so original! We all loved that every member of your family signed! Pray you're well Tara....I miss seeing you!

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