Friday, February 10, 2012

Office Update and other stuff

Hi there everyone!  Just want to give you a quick update.  The top for my desk is done, the chairs will be picked up form the upholsterer today and HH will be mounting the doors I bought this weekend.  Woohoo!  I also purchased two rugs that should be arriving next week. I bought two so I can see which one I like best in my office.  That and the fact that I can use one in another room and they were on clearance and they were the only ones left. I might not like either of them and return them both.  We shall see.   That will be a surprise. After that, I'll be taking pictures to show you guys how it turned out.  I could kick my myself because I don't have before pictures but I can tell you right now that it was NOTHING at all like it is now.  I can't wait show you.  Stay tuned.  While I was at the upholstery place, I decided to have new cushions made for my breakfast nook.  Over time, the fabric has been bleached and washed so many times that it started to get holes in it.  Not good.  Also, the foam on the cushions was starting to sag and from the beginning they never really fit right.  We use that space so much that it's important to have it comfortable and looking good.  So, this time I picked out a very heavy weight linen in a neutral color that will hopefully hide some of the occasional spills.  Ha! Who am I kidding?  I need something that can take washing and come out looking good. I also decided on getting a darker fabric to try to masquerade some of the potential spills (i.e. black beans.....the worst).  I considered Sunbrella but I don't like the feel of the fabric and wanted something more organic.  I also purchased some new fabric to make pillows.  I  should be finishing up with those this weekend too.  This breakfast nook really needed some attention and I'm glad I got this done.  I'm also getting another slip cover made for the love seat in the living room.  Let me just say that the guy that made it previously did not allow for proper shrinkage (my fault too because I don't think I washed the fabric) and over time this has shrunk to nothing.  Currently it's torn and I hide it with a pillow (secret's out). I am super excited to get this done because the love seat is actually really comfortable when the slip cover is off.  It's these kinds of spaces in your home that can really take a beating. So basically this has been the year of upholstery so far but as you probably know, it feels great to finally get those things done that you put off.  I'll show you the before and afters on this next week.  Meanwhile, here are some rooms that I'm liking this week.  Have a great weekend.

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Dikola said...

Tara...I loved your office so much before....but I always like what you do! Can't wait to see. Love the space above with the brown leather chair mixed with the yellow modern chair. I hope you'll post pics of your work office've told me a little about it, but I always love to see your work! You're so inspiring!

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