Monday, July 23, 2012

Operation Master Bathroom Update.....

Happy Monday friends!  Hope you had a fantastic weekend.  Things have been busy over here and HH has been busting his booty trying to get things framed and ready for the plumbers. The plumbers started today and as I am typing this, they are jack hammering away.  Estimated time for plumbing work is 3 days.  I've ordered all of the fixtures for the tub and the shower faucet and some other odds and ends for plumbing and ventilation and they should all be delivered in the next day or so. After the plumbing is complete, we will put the Sheetrock up on the walls and start the floor. With the water closet wall, the shower wall and the windows in, you can start to see the vision of how this bathroom was designed and I'm loving it. We did have a little snafu with the windows over the weekend and due to factors beyond our control, we were not able to put 3 picture windows in like we wanted.  So that changed the shower wall to being a full height wall rather than the 3/4 wall we were originally going to do. To be honest, I like the full height shower wall better and think it will look nicer when completed.  It also provided us the option to put the shower plumbing on the new shower wall side which we liked better.  Why?  The main reason is if we ever needed to repair the plumbing or add plumbing down the road, that wall will make it much easier to get to.  So, overall it all worked out for the best.  I took some pictures this morning to show you the latest.  Here's where we are in this project:

This is the shower.  It really is amazing how much light these little windows  (13" square) pull in. 

This is just to the right of the shower.  This is where the built in storage will be.

The water closet is where the light is.  The tub will be in between the water closet wall and the shower.  Basically over the hole in the floor.

Here's the table along the wall where the old vanity was. The table is going to stay here and was put here for reference for the plumbers. Can't wait to see this all done. 

One more thing, the mosaic tile that I showed you in my previous post that I wanted for the shower floor was $17 for a 12 x 12 sheet (or square foot) plus freight.  I would need about 20 pieces. I really didn't want to spend that much on the shower floor, so I went  back to Floor and Decor (that's also where I got the travertine) and found a comparable flat stone mosaic for $6.99 a sheet.  Actually, I like this one better because it has the same shades of taupe and cream and white that the travertine has but also has a transparency to it that makes it really neutral.  Not to mention, the price is more in line with what I wanted to spend.  I'll show you pictures of that in my next post. 

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