Friday, July 13, 2012

Operation Master Bathroom...The Plan

Happy Friday!  Hope you have wonderful plans for the weekend ahead.  We are going to be finishing up the demo in the Master Bathroom and then hopefully begin to re-construct with the new plan.  After much deliberation, we have come to a plan that incorporates everything we are wanting in this bathroom.  HH insists on having a water closet and I am not budging on the pedestal tub.  Of course, the pedestal tub is going to take up about 70" of valuable bathroom space but it will be worth it for me when it's completed.  For those of you who love to take baths, you know what I mean.  For those that love a good shower, this bathroom will not disappoint.  We have included a shower that is worthy of a Master Bathroom without being super sized.  Overall, this design makes good use of space and still gives a feeling of openness which makes us both happy.  Here's the floor plan.

This is the plan we decided on.  On the back wall where the shower is, we will install several small windows up high to let in some natural light.  These will provide privacy and let in the morning light which will make a big difference.  Just to the right of the shower will be built ins to store towels and bathroom stuff. This will be the only storage in this bathroom since we opted for the table and vessel sinks rather than the vanity.  I'm good with that and feel like the storage space will be more than enough. 

Now that the floor plan was decided, it was time to decide on the bigger things.  Like the floor itself.  I've always wanted a bathroom in carrera marble but wasn't sure that it would be this bathroom. As I said before, my mind was open to all options on tile.  While I was out looking last weekend, I came across some travertine that I thought might work.   Unlike most travertine, this one has the cool tones of taupe, white and creams and it was just the colors I was looking for. I bought a sample piece and brought it home to make sure HH liked it.  He loved it. It's called pewter crystal travertine and it's really beautiful.  We are going to do the floor and shower walls in this and thought the bigger size of 16 x 24 would look great in this bathroom. Here's a pic of the travertine..

This tile has a lot of interest and the marbling of colors is really pretty.  This is a porous tile that is not filled (see the holes in it) and also has the chiseled edges which gives it an old antique feel.  We have been looking for something for the shower floor that compliments this but I have not decided on anything yet.  I have a sample of a cream colored flat stone mosaic from Dal Tile that is a good contender but I'm going to keep looking just in case.  Here's what the mosaic tile looks like with the travertine....


 As for the bathroom itself, demo is almost complete with the exception of chiseling the mortar off the slab from the tiles that were removed.  That should be completed on Saturday.  After that, it will be putting in the windows and building the shower wall to get ready for the plumbers.  Hopefully they can start in the next week or two.  Here's what our bathroom looks like now....

So, that's the plan.  I am excited to see this turn into the beautiful bathroom that I know it can be.  I will keep you updated of the progress as we go along.  Hope you have a fabulous weekend.  Until later..................


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