Monday, April 11, 2011

Bookcase Inspiration......

For some reason, our house just makes more sense with built-ins.  Of course it does help that my HH can build really great things.  Our next project is going to be built-in bookcases and desk for our daughters' room.  Currently she has a vintage vanity that she uses but she needs more workspace and storage.  The wall we chose is perfect because it will flow with the rest of the room and it will maximize the space.  My husband sketched out the plans and got started over the weekend.  Meanwhile, I've been looking for alternate storage containers and unique things to put on her bookshelves.  I'm also taking a look around her room to freshen it up a bit.  Perhaps a new rug?  Maybe a little seating arrangement?  She's a stylish 11 year old girl with a spunky personality and great taste.  Below are some inspiration pieces and pictures for this project.  I'll keep you posted on progress.

These are the plans.
Here's the space.  The plans are on the wall and the electrical has been started.

Love the contrast of the bright colored books in this room.  Photo by Chotda
Definitely think that this pen set from iomoi would be a great desk accessory.

I think this rug will add just the right amount of contrast in her room.  Plus, it's on sale now at Rugs Direct.

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