Thursday, March 8, 2012

I Want That...

It's been a desire of mine to one day buy a vintage trailer and turn in into a chic little place on wheels.  I love to see the old Airstream's re-done and reconfigured and I also love the old Spartan trailers although I haven't seen quite as many of those out there.   Hmmmmmm...  Anyway, while looking around, I came across this converted Airstream for sale and thought it was fabulous.  It's a 1967 Airstream  26' Overlander that has been totally updated and rebuilt.  It's very modern and I love the touches that have been added to make this functional and beautiful.  This is part of the Architect Series Conversion package which includes a wine refrigerator, convection oven, stainless cook top and fireplace. Other options such as a washer dryer, dishwasher and ice maker can be added as well.  Here's the finished product.  But be warned, you'll want one too.....

If you're having trouble viewing the pictures, you can go to the article here.

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